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Document Downloads

Irrigation and agrarian development related documents are listed for downloading and you can select the language name of the document which has to be downloaded.All the documents are in Microsoft word compatible format and you may need to install the required fonts accordingly.The presentation slides will be in Microsoft power point compatible format with the .PPT extention and other documents will be in .PDF format and in . JPEG/GIF/PNG format..


  Document Name Document Language
  Remote Sensing Presentation Slides     English
  Red Indian Leader - Chief Seattle's Thoughts Sinhala    
  Why Preserve Irrigation Tanks - Handout Sinhala    
  Sri Lanka Paddy Land Protection - Handout Sinhala    
  Essential Components of Traditional Village Tank Systems - Slides     English
  Kondawatawana Sel Lipiya Sinhala    
  Fonts   Tamil  


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