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Pressurized Irrigation
Drips and sprinklersare the main types of pressurized localized irrigation system that is popular in sri lanka. High irrigation efficiency (Water Saving) better crop yield and laborsaving are some of the main advantages identified in this technology.

Water Management
Malwathuoya, AruviAru river basin is very famous for pioneer human settlement and also  for the 1st Kingdom of Sri Lanka. There are about 1450 working tanks,some are large and some are small located in the basinThe Nachchaduwa Tank

The Nachchaduwa Tank
The Nachchaduwa Tank was constructed by king Moggallana ii (535-555) and named as “PattapasanaVapi” designed to irrigate 5960 Acrs of command area. This is One of the creative adventure across malwathuoya and flood control for the city of Anuradhapura is also attributed for this reservoir.

Paddy Cultivation
Paddy cultivation is one of the best ecologicalinnovations made during the ancient period. Floodand draught control, soil conservation  control of air and water pollutions , ground water recharge , bio diversity and mental improvement and relaxation of human being are some major advantages derived out of this eco system inaddition to the generation of healthystaple food for the people.

Historical Heritage of Sri Lanka
Water,Food commodity, and psychological development are the main pillars of our ancient society and this is one of the ideal examples for sustainable natural resource management system in the world.








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