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Document Downloads

Irrigation and agrarian development related documents are listed for downloading and you can select the language name of the document which has to be downloaded.All the documents are in Microsoft word compatible format and you may need to install the required fonts accordingly.The presentation slides will be in Microsoft power point compatible format with the .PPT extention and other documents will be in .PDF format and in . JPEG/GIF/PNG format..


  Document Name Document Language
  Kanna Meeting - Format Sinhala    
  Kanna Meeting - F2 Sinhala    
  Circulars 2011 - 08 Sinhala Tamil  
  Minor Irrigation - Format - MI/II/01 Sinhala    
  Minor Irrigation and Agrarian Development Sinhala    
  04 of 1991 Agrarian ( Amendment) Act Sinhala    
  46 of 2000 Agrarian Act Sinhala Tamil  
  Policy of Agricultural Land Use under the Act of 46 of 2000 Agrarian Sinhala    
  March of 1993 Agrarian ( Amendment) Act Sinhala    
  42 of 1973 Agriculture land Act Sinhala    
  03 of 1983 Irrigation ( Amendment) Act Sinhala    
  40 of 1968 Gide line of Irrigation work ( Amendment) Act Sinhala    
  1956 Revision - Irrigation Ordinance Sinhala    
  73 of 1981 RDA Act Sinhala    
  SLRDC Act Sinhala    
  46 of 2011 Agrarian ( Amendment) Act Sinhala Tamil English
  No 01 of 1958 Paddy Land English
  Crown Land Ordinance English
  60 of 1960 Land Development Ordinance -chapter 464 English
  58 of 1979 Agrarian service (special provision) a bill English
  58 of 1979 Agrarian Development a Bill –no 346 English - part 1 and 2 English


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